Our company

Founded in 1991, HABITATIONS TRIGONE is a residential construction firm focused on offering living spaces accessible to all. Born from the passion of builders, HABITATIONS TRIGONE grew rapidly in Montreal’s North and South Shores to meet the ever-increasing needs of a thriving market.

Over the years, the company has built a reputation of integrity and reliability. Also, HABITATIONS TRIGONE has differentiated itself through its exceptional choice of locations, the quality and the variety of its products. Today, the company is a leader in the integrated residential development sector, with almost 20 000 units built and more than 30 active projects.

As specialists in TOD housing projects, HABITATIONS TRIGONE creates independent, self-contained and safe neighbourhoods promoting a lifestyle that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The use of efficient construction and management practices enables us to evaluate, plan, design and execute innovative projects with great added value.

The effect on you


T.O.D projects : Near the public transportation
– Proximity: less than 1 km from a train station, bus terminus or Metro
– No more traffic on your commute = less stress
– Finally, time for yourself
– Dine downtown in less than 2

Self-contained and safe neighbourhoods
– Services and shops a hop, skip and a jump away
– Daycares on site
– Nearby schools

More quality time for yourself
– No more outdoor maintenance
– Garage available for certain projects = No more time lost shovelling your car out of the snowarage
– A wealth of recreational activities within reach (golf course, bike paths, hiking trails, parks, sports centre, pool)


Check our current promotions
– It’s our way to spoil you
– An excellent opportunity to become a property owner
– Ask your representative for details on our promotions

Great Savings
– More FT2 of living space at a lower cost than Montreal
– Accessible, high-quality living spaces
– Become a property owner for less money than rent
– Fewer car-related expenses
– New home = no renovations necessary and built to your tastes
– ACQ or Qualité Habitation warranty plan
– Energy savings thanks to current construction standards


Exceptional location site
– Peaceful: near golf courses and parks
– Practical: near stores, restaurants, public markets, grocery stores and hospitals
– Strategically laid out to reduce car use

Project landscaping design
– Diverse and flexible products
– Maximized green and recreational space
– Indoor courtyard, pedestrian walkways, community gardens
– Inground pool, rooftop terrace, BBQ area and playgrounds

A new lifestyle
– Community-building living spaces
– Common areas to encourage cooperation and friendship between co-owners
– A project-wide sense of community

In the community

Habitations Trigone is proud to be associated with several good causes. In recent years, we have greatly involved in the following activities or organizations:

  • The “Maison Victor-Gadbois” which provides free palliative care for patients of 18 years and older, suffering from terminal cancer.
  • The golf tournament, the oyster tasting and the Poker Night to the profit of the “Pierre-Boucher Hospital Foundation” which serves the technological development of the Pierre-Boucher Hospital and the promotion of healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of disease.
  • The Foundation of the “Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil” which finance the development of the organization under the theme “Investir en musique”.
  • A.I.D.I. is a non-profit organization that serves the population of the South Shore of Montreal. Their services are available to people aged 16 and
    over living with an intellectual disability and their families.
  • “Fonds de Développement du collège Édouard-Montpetit” whose mission is to expand the “Centre sportif Montpetit” to help students continue to participate in various activities of the college.

Our accomplishments

Carré Jacques-Cartier

Cours fleuve


Domaine Millénaire

Hameau des pins

Lofts du boisé II

Promenades du Golf


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Quartier du parc Phase 1


Quartier du parc Phase 2


Quartier Gareau

Rue Chapleau

Rue du Faubourg


Rue Magloire-Laflamme

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Rue Radissons

Rue Riverin

Rue Rubaniers