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  1. Organizing is the key

Limiting the exposure of the material with proper storage allows to put order in the room and in the ideas. This space must remain in your image so that creativity is at hand. Storage can be in different forms like shipping boxes, baskets or even an antique binder.

  1. Update your planning board

Walls are often very solicited in office spaces and sometimes we get lost so it is important to use them properly. Sorting through the display may seem pointless, but you will see that it clings the eye and simplifies searches sometimes. The cork board is undoubtedly a convenient way to display important priorities or a reminder, but other ingenious tools exist such as erasable film or custom mesh.

  1. Accessorize with fun objects

Fluorescent carpets, festive lamps, dynamic countdown timer or calendar, anything is possible to accentuate the work area. Cactus, palm trees and sculpture also provide a refreshing side to these often dark and neglected spaces.

  1. Recycle with no effort

Accumulation of paper, packaging and invoices is frequent in the Den or workspace. To take advantage of this, sometimes chaotic situation, keep the non-confidential equipment in a reusable bag to make a home fire, DIY for the little ones or note tablets near the phone (if you have a landline!)

  1. Highlight the space

Your successes and achievements are important and must be visible, as well as your future goals and objectives. An interactive board or wall where everyone can add a daily thought can also be very beneficial and motivating.

Finally, let’s not forget that the office space, which is often used as a storage space, must also inspire creativity and ease.