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The construction of multiplexes at Habitations Trigone includes getting through the creation of a wide range of units. Offering a good choice of products is one of the priorities of the company. Moreover, a building of 181 condos/apartments can contain more than 40 different models!


The design of a unit of condominium begins of course with the analysis of its location. Among others, we denote certain elements to watch, the cardinal points, the geographical situation, the view, the height and its location in the construction. Also, before thinking of the divisions, it is necessary to be aware of the immediate environment of the condo. In particular, the temperature difference can be surprising if we compare a center Ground floor unit with a corner Penthouse unit with large windows, according to the season.


It is crucial when analyzing a plan to place it in the building and to be aware of the available space even before thinking of drawing a wall. The divisions of a condo unit have a very important role because they almost dictate how a person is going to live there. Dividing the space in “blocks” is a common practice and it is often underestimated because working a plan with a very big surface can be as difficult as with a very small one. You have to find a balance between the zones and when the surface is restricted, the slightest corner has to have a utility, a function.


People’s personality and lifestyle are also to consider in the conception of a condo unit interior for many reasons. For some, the living room has to be the biggest room whereas for others the most important is the bedroom. The creation of various models allows to reach different people according to their lifestyle, status or interests. The organization of the space is closely linked with the lifestyle so we can ask ourselves the following questions; is the buyer a single person who has a very present family? Or an active couple who has 6 bikes? We must be able to imagine which type of individual is dedicated to this unit to not miss important details.



you can define the pieces of our condo not only with partitions. It is also possible to do it with furniture, accessories, carpet or even with the colour of the wall. According to Olivier-Benoit Lemay, main designer at Habitations Trigone, it is necessary to limit corridors in the interior design. Each of the circulation zones must have at least two utilities. For example, pay attention to the circulation and the clearance from the counter for the benches at the kitchen island. During the conception of a unit, the main items of the furniture are planned to minimize the space losses but also to place them in the available zones afterward. Sometimes, certain rooms can be a real puzzle to organize because of their small surface or the position of a window, a conduct or an electric panel. Planning these potential losses with the purchase of adapted furniture or the change of a zone vocation can also make the surface is more profitable. Finally, it is advantageous to play with mirrors and to install them in other places we usually see them because they are often in the entrance hall, the bathroom or in the bedroom. Dare the living room by placing it near a window, the reflection will have a major impact on the luminosity of your room while giving the illusion of a larger space.

In brief, whether you are a feng shui lover or a micro condos fan, you can take advantage of the maximum with Habitations Trigone’s products.