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A healthy wall in a healthy room…

I surprise myself loving this trend that evolves more and more these days! I have to admit; the green wall has become a decorative accessory that leaves no one indifferent. Architects and designer agree to say that it is a must. If you are the kind of person who likes the «urban countryside» style, then this green canvas is designed for you. Also, the Boho and «Back to basis» trends with all the plants and handmade products, often seen in our houses for a little while now, make the pieces more vivid and welcoming, to my opinion.  As well as the other accessories, a wide variety is offered according to your needs or budget.

Whether it is composed of natural or artificial plants, the green wall makes its entrance in our kitchens, bathrooms and livings. If you opt for the real green wall, it is kind of an investment to plan, both in monetary and conservation terms. If you choose the artificial option, the good news is; the only time it needs water is when you clean it up a bit! This ornament is very big sometimes so it is important to keep in mind that not many other accessories are needed. Thus, it will highlight the things around it.

Considering the fact that a few pieces of the house have no light or just a little, why not add a little bit of nature in it with this trend? And at the same time, you can enjoy a green area all year long! Also, for a cozy atmosphere, you can play with the lighting to see beautiful tropical shadows appearing on the walls.

The florist told me, a little vertical craziness has never hurt anyone!

Olivier-Benoit Lemay, designer at Habitations Trigone