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Trigone in the community

Habitations Trigone is proud to be associated with several good causes. In recent years, we have greatly involved in the following activities or organizations:

La “Maison Victor-Gadbois” which provides free palliative care for patients of 18 years and older, suffering from terminal cancer.

The golf tournament, the oyster tasting and the Poker Night to the profit of the “Pierre-Boucher Hospital Foundation” which serves the technological development of the Pierre-Boucher Hospital and the promotion of healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of disease.

The Foundation of the “Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil” which finance the development of the organization under the theme “Investir en musique”.

A.I.D.I. is a non-profit organization that serves the population of the South Shore of Montreal. Their services are available to people aged 16 and
over living with an intellectual disability and their families.

Fonds de Développement du collège Édouard-Montpetit” whose mission is to expand the “Centre sportif Montpetit” to help students continue to participate in various activities of the college.